For cyclists, the “Aldeamento Vale de Lourinhã” offers the following modalities...

Bicycle path:

Bicycles for the Lourinhã cycle path – Areia Branca beach and surroundings.

Free service by appointment.


Bicycles for mountain biking in regional circuits.

Service by appointment.

MTB Tours:

Regional MTB tours every Sunday – 8:00 a.m.

Duration of 40/60 km

Free service by appointment.


Surf lessons are provided by qualified teachers, who travel to the accommodation of the guests to transport them to the beach with the best conditions for the surf class.

In order to organize the sessions, the respective transportation and to ensure the presence in the class, they must be scheduled with a 48h notice. Not meeting this requirement, must be subject to confirmation of availability.

The times of the sessions are scheduled according to the tides, and disclosed or posted in the guest’s accommodation, and at the scheduled time the guests must be ready, if they not come to the class, it will not be refunded. If there is a high number of interested guests, there may be two sessions, so the group may have to be divided and the hours modified, to provide a more personalized service. The duration of a session is approximately 3 hours (collection of guests, travel to the beach, theoretical/practical class and return to accommodation), being at least 1 hour in the water.

The session includes all the material (wetsuit and surfboard) and sports insurance.


Available services:

Individual lesson;
Private lesson;
Light Course -1 Week (5 sessions);
Full Course – 1 Week (10 sessions – 2 lessons per day). If you Book the Full course, you  will have free video correction and visit to the surfboard factory in Peniche;
Rentals of material (wetsuit and surfboard). Discounts for those who are doing or finished the Light or Full course.

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Traditional Hatha Yoga practice combining mantra, Shat Karma, ásana, yoganidrá, pránáyáma and samyama.

“Yoga is not only physical workout non the less gymnastics with repetitive movements.

Yoga is consciousness at all levels, therefore added to discipline and persistence, is the way to achieve fullness”


It is a invigorating, challenging practice that provides physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Carla Bacelar, Yoga teacher since 2004, started her yoga journey and practice in 2002.

Certified by Yoga international university, co-partnership with Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa.

Carla Bacelar.jpg


It aims to treat an injury by manipulating or loosening muscles, improving muscle tone and / or increasing flexibility.


Massage with an inherent touch component allows physical, energetic and spiritual balance in connection with the Universe.


Integrates components to prevent or reduce injuries, decreases muscle tension,

Prepares and heats muscles for physical activity, provides relaxation and restructuring of muscles and fibers.


Treatments with essential oils with medicinal, emotional and dermatological therapeutic properties, as well as the prevention and treatment of physical, mental and energetic symptoms.